Swimming Pool Natural Stone Material for Decking and Walls

Choosing a material to be used as a supporting element for the appearance of a swimming pool construction sometimes creates a dilemma. For example, for the floor and walls, whether to use wood or other materials such as natural stone which is known to be more durable, artistic, but the price is more expensive.

green sukabumi stone tiles can be one of the most appropriate pool decking materials when considering things like safety and artistry.

Why natural stone? This is because natural stone is a material that is fairly close to being perfect as an element for a swimming pool facade. You can choose the many and varied styles according to your taste.https://omegastones.net/

In addition, natural stone is very resistant to salt water, does not slip easily, and does not change color even though it is always exposed to chlorine from pool water.

Types of natural stone swimming pools

sukabumi stone supplier Australia is one of the easiest-maintenance decking materials. This is one of the considerations for many people to choose natural stone for decking and wall material.

There are several types of natural stone swimming pools that are often used by masons in Indonesia. Here are 5 of them:

1. Coral Stone

coral stone natural stone swimming pool coral – natural stone swimming pool

The next type of swimming pool stone is coral. Coral rock is made from a mixture of fossil shells, sand, and limestone. It is the combination of natural materials that makes coral resistant to … Read More