Effective, here are 7 ways to take care of plants so they don’t wither easily

Finding plants that are properly cared for to wilt is certainly frustrating for those of you who are fond of gardening or cultivating plants. So that this doesn’t happen again, it’s a good idea to evaluate your way of caring for plants. It could be that you are wrong in caring for your plants so that your plants wither.

You don’t need to be confused about caring for the right plants, because we has prepared 7 effective ways to make your plants thrive and anti-wilting. Here are 7 ways to care for plants so they don’t wither quickly.

1. Perform proper watering technique

The first way to care for plants is to use proper watering techniques. Well, in doing this step, you must know your plants first so you know the water needs your plants need. If you water your plants below what they need, they will dry out and die. Vice versa, if you water too much water, your plant roots will rot.

For watering time, do it at night or in the morning so that your plants have an adequate water supply. Make sure you water evenly so that your plants can grow well, yes. Also make sure that there is no standing water in your plants so that the oxygen path for your plants is not blocked.

2. Give the plant enough sunlight

In addition to knowing your water needs, you also need to know your plants’ sunshine needs. Generally, plants should be exposed to sunlight for 6 hours for fruit and vegetable gardens, and 3-4 hours for ornamental plants. As for succulent plants, cacti or ferns, it only needs 2 hours of sunshine.

3. Adjust temperature and humidity

The next way to prevent your plants from wilting easily is to ensure that the plants you care for can indeed grow in the temperature of the environment where you live. Therefore, if you live in a coastal area, avoid planting subtropical or upland plants, and vice versa. For air humidity, you can outsmart it by using a humidifier so that your plant’s moisture needs can be met.

4. Make sure it is free from pests and diseases

There are several ways you can do so that your plants avoid pests and diseases. These methods are to maintain soil quality, provide nutrients to plants, rotate plants regularly, optimize the location of plants, and trim any weeds around your plants.

5. Cut dry and dead plants

Well, one more thing that is rarely known by plant selectors who are just starting out. If you see any part of your plant that is damaged, immediately separate and throw away the damaged part, so that healthy plants do not wither easily, Bela. The reason is, the damaged part of the plant can spread damage to the parts of the plant that are still alive. Therefore, immediately cut the damaged part so as not to disturb the condition of other plants.

6. Avoid using chemical fertilizers

The next way for your plants to thrive, is to use natural treatments. Avoid using chemical fertilizers, yes, Bela. You can use animal waste, compost, a mixture of macro nutrients, or recycled fertilizer on your plants so that the plants don’t wither easily.

7. Provide essential nutrients for plants

There are several important nutrients that are vital for plants.Basically, these nutrients are completely in the soil. However, over time, these nutrients will be lost. Therefore, you can provide these nutrients separately or with practical steps, namely replacing the soil.