Natural Stone as a Suitable Material for Beautifying Houses

Having a residence with a high level of luxury and aesthetics is certainly the desire of the majority of people. A beautiful dwelling with a unique and attractive design touch will be an added value that will increase the selling power of the dwelling itself.

One way to beautify your home is to use natural stone. The price of natural stone which is priced at a fairly expensive nominal is certainly comparable to the extraordinary architectural effect when it catches the eye. Natural stone is now starting to be widely used in minimalist residences in urban areas which will give a touch of luxury, natural, spiritual and of course sturdy.

Minimalist house natural stone is more widely used when compared to bricks which are considered functionally and aesthetically not more than natural stone. One of the elements of the house that is most beautified using natural stone is the wall of the house.
Black lava stone cladding Walls that were originally flat and have no attractive accents at all will become incredibly eye-catching as long as you use tips and tricks in the proper installation of natural stone and also consider the following tips in using natural stone materials to beautify the walls of the house.

Natural Stone as Wall Material

1. The first step that must be done is to determine the pattern or design the desired design. You can determine the size of this house wall installation to determine how much natural stone material you want. By determining the design first, you can determine the appropriate size of the natural stone.

2. After knowing the design, the second step that must be taken is to determine the types of natural stone that are suitable for decorating the walls of the house. There are quite a number of types of natural stone, including andesite stone, palimanan stone, breccia stone, sandstone, soft natural stone and many more.

3. When installing natural stone on the walls of the house, use adhesive so that the natural stone can glue and blend perfectly with the walls of the house. But before that, soak the natural stone first so that when glued with natural stone adhesive it doesn’t come off easily. In addition, make sure you clean the surface of the stone so that the surface is more shiny and also stronger when installed.

Natural Stone as Wall and Fence Material

In addition to the walls, another house element that is usually beautified with natural stone is the floor of the house. The floor of a house made of natural stone will give a more shady, natural, beautiful and classy effect. The room will feel more cool and calming when compared to when you use ordinary ceramic stone as a floor mat. In choosing natural stone for the floor of the house, you should choose natural stone that has a smooth texture.
The types of lava stone bali natural stone commonly used for flooring are andesite, traveltine, granite, slate, basalt, and many more. As for fences, natural stone is starting to be widely used because natural stone has a high level of strength and resistance to heat and rain when compared to wood or iron materials. A fence with natural stone material will give a more luxurious and charming impression because of its natural and classy appearance.

By using natural stone for walls, floors and fences, you will get the impression of luxury and have a higher selling value for the minimalist dwelling that you are currently living with your family.


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