Swimming Pool Natural Stone Material for Decking and Walls

Choosing a material to be used as a supporting element for the appearance of a swimming pool construction sometimes creates a dilemma. For example, for the floor and walls, whether to use wood or other materials such as natural stone which is known to be more durable, artistic, but the price is more expensive.

green sukabumi stone tiles can be one of the most appropriate pool decking materials when considering things like safety and artistry.

Why natural stone? This is because natural stone is a material that is fairly close to being perfect as an element for a swimming pool facade. You can choose the many and varied styles according to your taste.https://omegastones.net/

In addition, natural stone is very resistant to salt water, does not slip easily, and does not change color even though it is always exposed to chlorine from pool water.

Types of natural stone swimming pools

sukabumi stone supplier Australia is one of the easiest-maintenance decking materials. This is one of the considerations for many people to choose natural stone for decking and wall material.

There are several types of natural stone swimming pools that are often used by masons in Indonesia. Here are 5 of them:

1. Coral Stone

coral stone natural stone swimming pool coral – natural stone swimming pool

The next type of swimming pool stone is coral. Coral rock is made from a mixture of fossil shells, sand, and limestone. It is the combination of natural materials that makes coral resistant to extreme weather and chlorine.

Because of these advantages, coral is often used as an option for pool floors and walls, as well as for decoration around the side of the pool. Another advantage of coral is that it is resistant to heavy pressure, is not slippery, is easy to shape and is not too expensive.

2. Slate

Slate is often known as river stone. This type of stone is easy to find in all corners of Indonesia at a fairly cheap price. There are many kinds of patterns and colors that this slate has, ranging from red, black, blue to moss green. These colors are considered very suitable to match the general colors of the swimming pool and garden around it.

In addition to decking, you can also apply this stone to walls and other parts. The advantage of this slate material is that it has a solid base and does not leak easily. In addition, the price is cheaper, easy to find, and relatively easy to maintain.

3. Limestone

Other types of natural swimming pool stones that can be used as an alternative choice are limestone. This type of natural stone is more popularly known as limestone, which is a familiar material in the world of home construction.

In a swimming pool, apart from being a floor or decking, limestone can also be installed in other parts of the pool. Its artistic appearance makes limestone a great choice for pool and garden building materials.

The advantages of limestone itself are almost the same as other types of natural stone, namely, they are sturdy and durable. Regarding durability, this limestone is also considered resistant to extreme weather, has low water absorption and is easy to find in stock.

4. Granite Stone

If you are looking for natural stone material that is classified as the strongest then granite could be the most appropriate choice. Because, compared to other types of natural stone, granite can withstand up to decades.

Raised by quartz minerals, physically the granite looks dim but rather shiny. This is what is considered to be the most sought-after advantage because it can provide a different natural feel to the swimming pool.

Then what are the other advantages of this granite? Among them are; heat resistant, sturdy, not easy to crack, durable, anti-scratch, not slippery, not mold-resistant, and easy to maintain.

5. Andesite

Swimming Pool Natural Stone Material for Decking and Wall 1Andesite stone – natural stone for swimming pools

Andesite is indeed one type of natural stone whose surface is rough and sandy. However, that is the plus point of this type of stone so that it is widely chosen as a complementary material for building construction including swimming pools.

Because of its rough surface, andesite stone is quite recommended for use on the floor and pool decking.

The physical advantages of andesite can be seen in its varied and unique patterns making it suitable for display in open spaces. In addition, this type of stone can also be easily found in material stores at an affordable price.

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