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Like the galleries, they are hardly ever straight, however zigzag (called the Nine-flip bridges) or arch over the ponds, suggesting the bridges of rural China, and providing view points of the garden. Bridges are sometimes constructed from rough timber or stone-slab raised pathways. Some gardens have brightly painted or lacquered bridges, which give a lighthearted feeling to the garden. Some gardens have a picturesque stone pavilion in the form of a boat, located in the pond.

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The synthetic mountain in Chinese gardens today often has a small view pavilion on the summit. In smaller classical gardens, a single scholar rock represents a mountain, or a row of rocks represents a mountain vary. The first rock garden appeared in Chinese backyard historical past in Tu Yuan (literally “Rabbit Garden”), constructed in the course of the Western Han dynasty (206 BCE – 9 CE). During the Tang dynasty, the rock was elevated to the standing of an art object, judged by its form , substance , shade , and texture , in addition to by its softness, transparency, and other components. The poet Bo Juyi (772–846) wrote a catalog of the famous rocks of Lake Tai, referred to as Taihu Shiji. These rocks, of limestone sculpted by erosion, grew to become the most highly prized for gardens.

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He also introduced inexperienced tea from China to Japan, initially to keep monks awake throughout long meditation, … Read More