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Spring Garden Care Suggestions: How To Revive Your Grass And Get It Wanting Tip

Install a mowing strip earlier than planting rhizomatous groundcovers like temple grass. Plant groundcovers when soil is moist, following rain.

Well, RHS turf professional Nigel Downs shares his advice. He explains how you need to begin by taking an excellent take a look at your grass. Then that in all probability means there is a build up of thatch or moss which wants eradicating. Use a metallic grass rake to do that and the improved air circulation and water filtration will lead to a much more healthy garden.

Keep Off Moist Soil

lawn care tips

However, in spring, the intermittent showers generally care for things, so you do not have to. Then, if your spring lawn is wanting a little bare or patchy in locations, you would possibly need to give it a lift with some extra grass seeds – a course of generally known as over-seeding. Nigel Downs, RHS turf skilled, says how one can both add seeds to your high dressing, or add it to your lawn just earlier than. Aim for roughly 30-40g per square metre for verdant results. According to the RHS, your first mow of the year should be accomplished utilizing the best setting – you possibly can then gradually decrease this over time. The staff at Homebase adds that an excellent rule-of-thumb is to by no means minimize a couple of third of the length at a time. The RHS additionally says to … Read More