Tips for Caring for Granite Floors Easily

As we all know that using marble and granite accents is one of the most popular ways to add beauty and luxury to your home. However, because it has a porous surface, quite a lot of people think this type of floor is not easy to clean. Especially if when mopping, water can become a stain that is ultimately difficult to remove , and even though granite floors are made of stone, that doesn’t mean you can use various ways to keep your granite floors looking as good as when they were first installed. Care is needed when choosing how to clean granite floors so that they are shiny. Here are some of the best tricks and tips for cleaning granite floors :

How to Care for Granite Floor

If the granite has just been installed, avoid using a wet mop to clean the floor. This method will not damage the floor, but is very likely to leave very noticeable scratches due to the spread of fine dust that is left behind. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and a dry dust mop to clean it. Check bali natural stone maintenance tips to know natural stone care tips.

Mix of baking soda and water

The next way to take care of granite floors is to use a mixture of baking soda powder with water to clean floors that are quite dirty. Spray the area you want to clean with water first, then apply the baking soda mixture and leave it for 24 hours. If the mixture is dry, do the cleaning as in the previous point with a mixture of water and soap.

Clean up spills immediately

As previously mentioned, granite and marble can be easily stained by spilled liquid, even if it is just plain water. To avoid stains remaining on the granite floor, it is highly recommended to clean up the spill as soon as possible. And try to do it with the recommended technique so as not to further damage the granite floor.

Try to clean it every day

Prevent the buildup of dust and dirt on granite floors by regularly cleaning them every day using a dry microfiber cloth. This method of cleaning granite floors can maintain the natural beauty of granite floors and maintain the luster of the floor. Make sure you dry the spill with a cleaning cloth that absorbs the liquid completely. Avoid scrubbing or wiping the stain, especially with rough movements. The reason is, this method can make deeper stains left in the pores of the floor. The properties of granite floors are almost similar to carpets, so the technique for cleaning stains is similar. Visit green sukabumi stone

Use a cleaning solvent with a balanced pH

For how to care for granite floors is not too difficult to do. Use a mixture of water and mild soap and spray it onto the area of ​​the floor you want to clean. After that, wet the cloth to be used and clean the area with a towel. Avoid using acidic liquids, such as lemon juice.

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