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growing fruit

For a taste of the Mediterranean why not grow your own figs? You will need slightly persistence although as figs start to kind in the autumn and won’t be prepared to reap until the next summer! But the taste of freshly picked, sun-warmed figs is well well worth the wait.


growing fruit

Although the dragon is hard to see by seeing the fruit, still there are some problems. Caterpillars, snails, and slugs, insects bother it.

Inside it has a wonderful white colored pulp which is good in style with small black seed. Dragon fruit grows on cacti native to America often known as Hylocereus which is a night-blooming plant.

Stop overhead water and hold the crops healthy by utilizing the eco-seaweed weekly. It additionally bothers some frequent diseases – such as fungal issues. Due to high humidity and over water on the plant, the fungal disease can develop on stems, flowers, and fruit. Cut off the part of the highly affected plant part.